Air lock doors are ideal for controlling entry of personnel into sensitive areas. These areas may need to maintain a constant temperature or be protected from contaminants, dust and dirt.

If your Selby based business has a requirement for cold room doors or clean room doors then air lock doors could be the best option.

There are a number of different air lock door systems available depending on the specific requirements of your business. You may opt for a secure or non-secure airlock.

With a secure air lock door system, all doors are locked and entry is by permission only. This could be supervised entry, where a push button allows access once identity has been confirmed. Alternatively, entry may be unsupervised where designated personnel have to enter a pass code or use a biometric reader to unlock the door. Where security is paramount, you may choose to combine supervised and unsupervised entry systems.

In the case of a non-secure air lock system, all doors are unlocked. Once a door is opened the other doors lock to maintain the air integrity. This is often used as a solution for clean rooms.

At Yorkshire Door Systems we offer a vast range of air lock door systems to customers in Selby and can customise solutions to meet the needs of your organisation.

We have built an excellent reputation for having comprehensive industry knowledge and technical expertise. We combine this with exceptional customer service to deliver outstanding results to all of our clients.

Our expert team are specially trained to install and maintain doors from many of the leading global manufacturers. These doors can be customised to meet the required specification.

If you have a requirement for high-quality door systems then get in touch with our Selby team. Contact us today to discuss and find out more about our vast range of air lock doors.