Clean room doors are instrumental in ensuring that a clean room remains a controlled environment, free from contamination. The door needs to comply with international standards and protect against drafts, humidity and any particles that can affect the air integrity.
Usually, clean room doors feature an airtight seal to minimise contamination, temperature fluctuation and pressure drops.
There is a wide range of clean room and air lock doors available; secured or non-secured, hinged or sliding, fire rated or non-fire rated.
At Yorkshire Door Systems of Selby, we are experts in providing quality door systems for a variety of applications. Pharmaceutical, electronic, food manufacturing, medical or micro mechanics; whatever your industry we can provide a clean room door that is suitable.

We’ll take the time to understand your needs to ensure that we can offer the door solution that is right for you. Our range of high-performance doors includes high-speed opening and closing features, self-repairing break-a-way curtains and advanced door entry systems.

Our technical expertise and comprehensive industry knowledge compared with our specialist training and dedication to customer service set us apart from our competitors. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

We work with some of the world’s leading manufacturers and are fully trained to supply, install and maintain all types of door. You can be confident that we never compromise on quality or safety. All of our work is carried out to the highest standard.

If you have a requirement for clean room doors then get in touch. Our Selby team of experts can advise on the most effective and efficient systems that match your individual specification. We’ll design, install and maintain your system and ensure it is always in optimal working condition.

Whatever your clean room requirement, we can create a door system that meets your needs. Contact Yorkshire Door Systems today to find out more about our vast range of air lock systems and clean room doors available in Selby.