Cold room doors are primarily used to protect cold rooms in the food industry. Food preparation areas, food storage facilities, abattoirs and other similar locations must be able to control temperature and ensure a hygienic environment.

Cold rooms are also used in medical facilities where pharmaceuticals need to be kept at a specific temperature.
There are a variety of cold room doors available depending on the extent to which your cold room needs to be chilled or refrigerated.
At Yorkshire Door Systems of Selby, we provide a number of options for protecting cold rooms whether for the food, pharmaceutical or any other industry.
Our PVC strip curtains are ideal for cold stores. They remain flexible at low temperatures, retain heat and allow easy access for vehicles and pedestrians. They are made from non-toxic material so they are safe to use in any environment.
We can also provide air lock door systems which may be required for more sensitive areas. These allow more control over entry and offer higher protection against contaminants and temperature fluctuations.

Our extensive technical expertise and detailed industry knowledge mean we can advise on the very best options available for your specific needs. We design, install and maintain all types of door systems in Selby and all of our work is carried out to the highest standards.
Once we have a thorough understanding of what is needed, we can provide you with recommendations for the most suitable cold room doors for your Selby business. We work with some of the leading door manufacturers and designers to create customised solutions that meet your industry regulations.

As members of the Door and Hardware Federation, we are kept up to date with industry developments and the latest technologies. This means you can be confident that we will be making informed recommendations.

Our friendly team are happy to discuss any requirements you have and answer your questions. Contact us today to find out more about our range of cold room doors.