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Here at Yorkshire Door Systems we have been supplying and installing Dynaco Doors in Leeds and the surrounding areas for many years. High speed doors can be used by lots of different industries for many purposes, helping to give businesses a competitive edge. By installing robust door such as Dynaco high speed doors, Yorkshire businesses and firms around the country can benefit from the multiple advantages high speed industrial doors bring to businesses.

Energy efficient

One of the key benefits of Dynaco high speed doors Yorkshire is the fact they are energy efficient, enabling businesses to make savings on energy costs and create a more environmentally-friendly workplace environment. This is due to the fact that Dynaco doors help keep the temperature in a room consistent. For example, cold storage facilities need to be kept under a certain temperature but when a door is opened to the facility, with cold air escaping and warm air coming in, the temperature begins to rise. Installing the likes of high speed doors, Yorkshire businesses can help keep cold air locked in a space and ensure it is less exposed to higher external temperatures.

Consequently, by acting as an insulation barrier between two spaces, installing high speed doors means the amount of energy required to keep the room below a certain temperature is reduced, meaning business can enjoy making savings on energy costs.

Keep noise out

Another reason it makes shrewd business sense to install Dynaco high speed doors is the fact that these types of industrial doors act as an effective sound barrier. In traditional noisy industries, where noise can be a problem and companies are required to take action to ensure the hearing of employees is protected, installing industrial doors such as Dynaco high speed doors Yorkshire, means high levels of noise are contained to a specific area. By ensuring noise is confined to one area, the health and safety of the rest of the building is improved.

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