Just like all other outdoor fittings, garage doors Leeds have a wide range in function and features to meet different needs and specific projects or workspaces. The variety in doors and the way they are used greatly varies, Garage Doors Selby can look like the traditional pivoting door, have double doors, folding structures or use an overhead track system.

Garage Doors Selby

The materials available also greatly varies from steel, insulated aluminium, pvc and even wood. There are a great amount of options in finishes so you can get the garage door to suit your house and taste. Garage Doors Selby are now fitted with the option to have completely motorized as an alternative to the fully manual lifting doors. With the amount of options on the market in colours, finishes and materials, you can choose exactly what you want with the level of security or features that are most important to your space.

The most traditional and common garage door is the over garage door, these garage doors are built with one piece of steel and maneuver through a counterweight. These properties make them a cheap option whilst not compromising on security or aesthetic. These doors are all fitted with ventilation measures in place and are tested to ensure total safety when in use.

Sectional garage doors are very similar to your traditional door but are also more common to see fitted in larger warehouses and fire stations. They are a great option for businesses and individuals who are primarily using their secure space for storage or have a very large space. Unlike the traditional pivoting hinge of a traditional garage door, the sectional garage door slides up and across the ceiling, which means that you can use your space all the way upto the edge. These doors also have a great reputation for being well insulated for heat and acoustics.