At Yorkshire Door Solutions we are experts at PVC Strip Curtain Repair York. We work on your business as though it was ours, ensuring that your strip curtains have minimal repair problems in future, minimise the risk of danger or impact on cleanliness and will always ensure that your curtains are to the standard expected by the health and safety requirements.

PVC strip curtains are a perfect solution to dividing and managing large spaces. Whether your company values the cleanliness properties that PVC curtains bring or the energy saving benefits, we know that when they come to needing repair you need them fixing as soon as possible to help maintain the daily running of your business.

PVC Strip Curtain Repair York

As you can imagine, PVC strip curtains are a cost effective way of breaking up areas in a large space whilst still ensuring the ease of employee movement. They are known for their properties in retaining heat and noise as well as ensuring that dirt and wind do not spread freely across the large open spaces. PVC strip curtains often pay for themselves with long term energy saving as electricity, heating and cooling are much more retained and efficient.

Because of the durability of PVC strip curtains it is not very common to have the product in need of repair. We use steel fittings on all our PVC curtains as well as steel tracks which ensure that they remain undamaged. With PVC Strip Curtain Repair York we often find that the fittings are most likely to have been heavily used over an extensive period of time. The fittings are easily replaced. PVC strip curtains are a cheap and very practical solution to restricting areas on a large business premises.

We also offer ongoing maintenance which ensures that your curtains and fittings stay fully functioning and keep your business running as smooth as possible.