How rapid rise doors are essential in the food industrial

Rapid Rise Door Yorkshire

A rapid rise door, also known as a fast action door, are high quality and high security doors that can be opened and closed quickly. Roller shutters are a type of rapid rise door. Yorkshire based industrial door specialists, Yorkshire Door Systems Limited, have a comprehensive knowledge base on industrial doors or all shapes and sizes, which can be used for a number of applications by diverse industries, and none more so than rapid rise doors.

Rapid rise doors are typically made from a heavy-duty polyurethane. From freezer rooms to supermarket entrances, this durable material is designed to withstand the elements of every type of environment, including the food industry.

Whenever the storage of any type of food is concerned, strict guidelines and standards are required in order for the food not to be exposed to a potentially damaging environment. This is when a rapid rise door Yorkshire, or anywhere for that matter, can prove an invaluable addition to any facility storing food.

These robust types of doors that open and close effortlessly mean there is much less temperature loss when the door is opened than with ‘conventional’ doors. With less warm air floating into the room, the space remains at the temperature it should be at and consequently the food is not at risk from defrosting and becoming unusable.

By the same token, a rapid rise door Yorkshire can help prevent airborne particles and odours from entering a space when a door is opened. In a space used to prepare food, it is important that the smell of the food does not permeate round the rest of the building. It is also important that airborne particles that could potentially land of the food do not enter the room and make the food unsuitable for use.

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