Sectional Overhead Door Repair Selby are often needed quickly and professionally because of their use as security barriers. Their design and functionality making them a perfect solution for looking after valuables or large workspaces.

Sectional overhead doors, whether in place for your storage solutions, garages or your local fire station, we repair and service them all. So what is an overhead door and why is it important to get it seen by a professional? Sectional overhead doors are panelled doors that roll along tracks on the ceiling when opened. They are an extremely popular and sensible solution to homeowners and businesses because of the additional space it provides compared to a traditional one-panelled door. Items can be placed directly behind the door without restricting the doors movements. Sectional overhead doors can be made fully insulated and even with full PVC.

Sectional Overhead Door Repair Selby

These doors come with different options when it comes to the way they work. These doors are often controlled mechanically through a motor which is activated by a side panel or a remote control. Not only can you get fully motorized units but these unit also have the option of a more traditional push up or chain hoist solution. Here is where you can see the need for professional section overhead door repair. Whereas your traditional garage door uses springs and cables to balance and move, sectional overhead doors use different electrical parts and hinges.

When it comes to garage doors and Sectional Overhead Door Repair Selby, it is always recommended to get advice from a professional. Yearly maintenance such as oiling can be done by the average homeowner but problems with the way your doors function can be a complicated and dangerous task. Overhead doors usually require tension from springs or cables to enable the door to move. Technicians go through extensive training on how to repair these heavy units and we ensure that all of our workers are very experienced.