You may have seen Sectional Overhead Doors Leeds used in your local fire station, depot or even your next door neighbours garage. Sectional overhead doors offer a popular solution for both companies and individuals because of the practical functions and unique properties they possess.

Sectional Overhead Doors Leeds

What makes a sectional overhead door different from a standard garage door or roller shutter? The main two differences for a homeowner when considering a sectional overhead door is that it rolls directly up and along the roof of the garage or storage area. This means that instead of having to factor in the swing of the one-panelled garage door, it is possible to store items right upto the edge of your space. This may save the average garage up to 10% in available space.

The second main benefit of Sectional Overhead Doors Leeds is that it is often easier to maneuver than a traditional model. Unlike traditional garage doors, that are often heavy and awkward to use, sectional overhead doors are often fully motorized. These enable individuals with injuries or companies who may employ workers to use the facility easily, without help.

As well as this, sectional overhead doors are made in a variety of materials which can give them extra benefits compared with the traditional garage door and roller shutter. These overhead doors are available insulated and in PVC which combats the heat loss that a large door often gives. They are also one of the most effective doors on the market for securing and sealing the premises and are seen as a good solution to protect from theft.

Sectional Overhead Doors Leeds also have a fantastic reputation for durability and offering longer, trouble free, operations than nearly any other product, this makes them the ideal solution for industrial and even personal use.