PVC strip curtains are a fantastic solution to businesses looking for a multi-functional way to separate areas without the disruption of opening and closing doors. PVC strip curtains Leeds were firstly introduced with the idea that areas could be separated without adding doors or walls, allowing the space to be used in a more flexible way without it taking longer for employees to navigate through.

PVC Strip Curtains Leeds

As well as there being the obvious benefit that PVC strip curtains Leeds separate your areas, they also include added benefits that even in themselves, solve problems with large work areas.

One of the main characteristics of large warehouses and factories is that they are often very difficult to maintain a healthy temperature for the products and your employees. Dividing the space into smaller areas with PVC strip curtains is a cheap way to insulate areas and reduce the energy costs of running the area.

Our experience with large open environments is that dust, noise and wind flow through the space and create unwanted mess or inconvenience. PVC strip curtains ensure that these unwanted elements do not affect every part of your work space. One of the main benefits of installing PVC strip curtains over doors and instead of temporary walls is that the flow of employees through the factory or warehouse is not hindered.

PVC strip curtains are completely safe to use with food and other sensitive products, such as medical, because the PVC is not prone to collect bacteria and is easily wipeable. We offer strip curtains that are built for fridges and cooler areas that don’t lose their flexibility or durability when cold. These strip curtains are a perfect non-toxic solution to a safe and clean working environment and help to retain contamination between the areas.

PVC strip curtains come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, over laps and even fittings. We fit your curtains exactly to your needs. Our curtain fittings are made of steel or with one piece polypropylene hinges depending on your environment.

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